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This past weekend Jessica Findley of the Old Dominion Fechtschule was in town. She and I spent some time playing with dagger and wrestling, comparing our interpretations Fiore’s work and the German tradition.  Fun stuff!

Her husband Frank also joined us for an “introduction to armizare” session before returning to “daddy duty.”

All in all, a wonderful visit with the Findley family, complete with sword talk late into the night by the two obvious suspects.

Yesterday at the salle, we did some work with the Fiore’s Fifth Remedy Master of the Dagger to iron out some issues prior to the class I will be presenting at the Western Martial Arts Workshop in Racine WI next month.
We also did some unarmored work with mezza-mella gripped sword, both slow pressure explorations and more energetic wrestling at the sword.  This was a combination of prep work for the class in armored fighting and for the armored deed of arms taking place at WMAW on Friday.
A good, if tiring, day.