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Lysts on the Lakes and the Chivalric Martial Arts Symposium have had their dates changed. They are now May 11-13 and May 8-11 respectively.

Unfortunately, this means I will not be able to attend due to a previous commitment to present an academic paper on Fiore dei Liberi’s Il Fior di Battaglia at the Kalamazoo Medieval Congress in Michigan.

In connection with Lysts on the Lakes international jousting competition (May 4, 5 & 6), there will be a Chivalric Martial Arts Symposium offering training in both equestrian and pedestrian chivalric arts, which will be taking place in Austin TX on the four days preceding the Lysts on the Lakes competition event. More details will be available soon on the official website.

I and several other notable fellows are among the instructors. There will be classes in armizare (and other styles of related arts) classes. Students and instructors will have the opportunity to participate in armored foot combat during the competition days.

This is a major opportunity for anyone interested in the practice of chivalric martial arts.

I am looking forward to attending the Western Martial Arts Workshop this week. Lots of swords, classes, and good folks.

I will be lecturing on the structure of Il Fior di Battaglia as well as teaching a class on the fifth Remedy Master of the dagger and team teaching a “better in armor” class with Sean Hayes.

On Friday, I expect to be participating in the armored deed of arms as one of the tenans holding the field.

It will be a busy time for this sword scholar.

This is the launch of a wordpress blog supporting the Forteza Historical Swordplay Guild website.  News of upcoming events of interest to Forteza students and friends will be posted here as well as rambling by our scholars.

We are still in the testing phase for the moment.