Scheduling constraints currently preclude  regular training sessions but various special sessions can be arranged with Bob.

A Taste of Armizare

A Taste of Armizare provides an introduction to armizare, a holistic martial art that includes spear, axe, sword, dagger, and wrestling, all in both armored and unarmored forms. We will look at the basics of the arts, including stances, posture, movement, and methods of striking and defending with various weapons. The session will include discussion of the art’s place in history and the historical sources from which our knowledge of this art derives.

This is a three-hour class. No prior martial arts experience or special equipment is required.


Armizare Overview

This is an expanded version of A Taste of Armizare that goes into greater detail.

You can book this class in a six-hour or twelve-hour (over two days) version. No prior martial arts experience or special equipment is required.



Intensives are a chance to work with Bob one-on-one. They usually revolve around foundational drills and structured practice to improve skills. They are tailored to the student’s experience and interests.

Details forthcoming.

Intensives are weekend long experiences and and include room and board for a single student. A student may bring a companion for a small additional charge. you will need to fill out a short questionnaire for the purposes of tailoring the instruction.

Scheduled dates are limited in availability.

Prior experience recommended. Intensives focussing on armored techniques are BYOA. (Bring Your Own Armor)

Lectures on Armizare and Historical Arms & Armor

Lectures on these subjects can be tailored to your needs. Please contact Bob for details.

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