The Chicago Sword play Guild once again presented and amazing four days of Western Martial Arts classes, lectures, demonstrations, and activities at the lovely DeKoven Center in Racine, Wisconsin.  They have yet to put up pictures from the event but many have all ready surfaced on various social media sites and on You Tube.  I can’t honestly say that a good time was had by all (but only because I didn’t speak to each and every one of the folks there) but I know I had a fine experience (despite a pesky headache haunting the middle two days which were, naturally the ones when I was teaching, presenting and fighting in the armored Deed of Arm).

My Amrizare book made a pre-release appearance there by way of 20 or so copies that Freelance Academy Press liberated from the printer for the occasion.  I am pleased to say that all departed the DeKoven Center on their way to new homes.  Someday I will get a copy myself.