armizare book coverOver the past two years, much of my time has been devoted to preparing a book on the Getty manuscript of Fiore dei Liberi’s il Fior di Battaglia (The Flower of Battle).  We are now in the final production stages and expect it to be available in September from Freelance Academy Press.

The covert images should look familiar as they were also used for the blog’s header.

The book is nearly 200 hundred pages long.  It explores the organization of the the manuscript, section by section. Between each text section is an interpretation section where key elements and plays from the manuscript get explored.  The intent is to provide a tool kit for further exploration of the art of arms as recorded by Fiore dei Liberi.  As such, I think it will be a valuable read for both beginner and experienced martial artists alike as well as for those interested in how a medieval manuscript canbe used as a teaching vehicle for a physical art.