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At the end of this month, Academie Duello will be holding their period Vancouver International Sword Symposium (VISS) and I will be attending to present a pair of armor related lectures.


I will also be in Vancouver the following week and, through the good auspices of Academie Duello, will be offering private lessons at their location.

The Dekoven Concord is a set of core rules for conducting armored combat in a Deed of Arms format adopted by a number of schools of WesternMartial Arts that have an interest in this sort of thing. They are a development of the rules that have been in use for the armored deeds at the Western Martial Arts Workshop, “The 600: Prepare for Fiore”  Fiore dei Liberi anniversary workshop, and Armizare Academy, and soon Days of Knights.

Each particular event will have supplemental rules and specifications as appropriate to the desires and goals of the organizers.

I have attached a link to a pdf version of the concord for those interested in reading them.


The salle will be getting a visitor in late May: Kimberleigh Smithbower-Roseblade, an instructor at Academy Duello in Vancouver, Canada. She’s coming down for some focussed dagger training, to heading up to the Borealis Swordplay Symposium.

In a little more than a month, I will teaching several classes at the Borealis Swordplay Symposium in Gatineau, Cananda from June 6-8.

Check out their website for details.

Early bird registration is closed but the regular is still open.

And have left this blog fallow.

Scheduling issues have kept the salle dark too much over the past year, but that doesn’t mean I’ve been totally idle. I have been developing not one but two books to follow-on from Armizare.

The Bob Charrette Armored Combat Seminar is filling up and has only a few spaces left – there’s still time to register!

With details ironed out, it’s time to go public.

I will be in Oregon on April 6 for an armored Combat Seminar in connection with Sean Haye’s Northwest Fencing Academy

If you are interested in armored combat, even theoretically, come on out!

This past weekend Jessica Findley of the Old Dominion Fechtschule was in town. She and I spent some time playing with dagger and wrestling, comparing our interpretations Fiore’s work and the German tradition.  Fun stuff!

Her husband Frank also joined us for an “introduction to armizare” session before returning to “daddy duty.”

All in all, a wonderful visit with the Findley family, complete with sword talk late into the night by the two obvious suspects.

This coming April, I will be at the annual Association of American Italian Studies Conference to be held April 11-13 2013 at the University of Oregon in Eugene. Sean Hayes of the Northwest Fencing Academy and I will be presenting a panel session entitled “L’Arte dell’Armizare: Manuscripts, Texts, Content.”  The panel has been organized by F. Regina Psaki of the University of Oregon. She is also working out details with us to do an armored combat demonstration as well.

Sean wiill  be speaking on “Visual and Rhetorical Strategies of Medieval Martial Arts Texts: Art, Memory, and Performance.”

I will be doing “Patterns of Remedy in Il Fior di Battaglia: Insights from the Practical World into the Pedagogical Structure of Getty Ludwig Manuscript XV 13.”

We’ll be doing our part to raise  awareness in academic circles of the serious work done by WMA researchers in rebuilding and understanding the martial arts of medieval and renaissance Europe.


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